Allergy Testing / Food Allergies

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Comprehensive Allergy Testing

Allergic reactions can mimic the symptoms associated with other conditions, including colds and some infections. The triggers that set off allergy symptoms in one person leave another person unaffected. That's why allergy testing is so important. The most common allergy tests are skin pricks and intradermal tests.

  • Skin Prick (Epicutaneous) Test: a drop of solution is placed on the skin. The solution contains an allergen.
  • Intradermal Test: a small amount of an allergen is injected into the skin.

These tests help determine your allergies and their severity. At PRO Medical, we also perform tests for asthma and immune deficiencies. We use a breathing test called spirometry to diagnose asthma. To check for immune deficiencies, we perform a series of blood and skin tests. These help us monitor and evaluate your health.

Allergy Treatment Options

Many people with allergies benefit from medications that treat the symptoms of an allergy, not the underlying cause. Allergen Immunotherapy (or "allergy shots") can decrease allergic reactions over time, treating the immune system itself.

We also teach you how to:

  • Reduce your exposure to common indoor allergens
  • Manage outdoor activities, to reduce exposure to pollens
  • Amend your diet, if food allergies are a problem
  • Identify serious symptoms, so you can get the right help at the right time

Food Challenge Clinic For Allergy Testing

PRO Medical helps parents find out if a child has outgrown a food allergy. Various food allergies affect about 3 million children in the U.S., causing them to have symptoms ranging from mild to potentially life-threatening after eating even a very, very small amount of a trigger food. Many children outgrow a food allergy. For example:

  • 15% to 20%of children allergic to peanuts will outgrow their allergy
  • 85% of children allergic to milk, soy or eggs will outgrow their food allergy within childhood or adolescence

A successful food challenge confirms that the child has outgrown the food allergy and the food can be safely reintroduced into the regular diet. While allergy testing can fall short in defining the tolerance, clinical food challenges provide an optimal and reliable way to rule out food allergy.

Do You Have a Food Allergy?

Candidates for food include:

  • Children whose allergy skin or blood tests indicate increased probability of tolerance for the food which caused the allergic reaction in the past.
  • Children who have positive allergy testing to certain foods but have never been exposed to the same foods to know whether they are truly allergic.

Infusion Therapy

The Infusion Center administers infusible medications, intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) and blood transfusions. For people with primary immune deficiency disorders, infusions may be part of the treatment plan. We also provide therapies for cancer, arthritis and hematology disorders, as well as anemia, osteoporosis and Crohn's disease.